• KH-SR800-B
  • KH-SR800-B

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In-ear Sports Headphone

The KH-SR800 is specialized for sports use. The Pivot Motion Fit ensures the headphones stay secure in the ear while running or working out in the gym. No need to worry if it rains, since the KH-SR800 is water-proof.

Основни характеристики

High quality sound & comfortable fitting. In-ear waterproof headphones for Sport
Дълбок бас и ясен звук при средните честоти
Pivoting motion creates secure and comfortable fit
U type cord (Cable is positioned at one side of the head)
0.6m flat cord & 0.6m extension flat cord
In-line 1 button remote control and microphone for handsfree calling
2 Type ear pieces; Silicone ear piece (S/M/L) and Open type ear piece(S/M/L)
Open type ear piece allows users to be aware of ambient noise while running
High density housing makes sound quality clear minimizing unnecessary vibration and reducing diaphragm distortion
“Bass Port” structure make driver units reproduce deep & tight bass sound
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